Friday, October 23, 2009

.: converse mock ad :.

these are two mock ads i made for one of my classes. he product was converse, and the idea is to sell the product. da. that's what advertising photography is! i really loved this assignment because it really made me have to think on this level, and this is a definitely a direction that i want to go with some of my work.

Monday, October 19, 2009

.: for we will travel :.

we buy these tickets
to fly on a plane
over oceans and seas
over land and humanity
and we laugh like children
full of zest
on our way to a city
of dreams
to immerse our
united states
of america
in the mystical
city of tokyo
i say under my breath
to assure it is real
as we walk
the shinjiku steets
my heart beats
in a land
to us so foreign
we struggle to speak
but one language
remains true
a collective desire
to be a fan
to love a band
that is radioheadu
and through them
i am him
he is her
she is me
i am you

this is a stop motion movie that i made of my boyfriend and my trip from san francisco to tokyo to see radiohead. it is approximately 5000 frames.