Saturday, June 27, 2009

.: on the corner :.

this is a project that i started yesterday and hope to continue over the next few weeks. the spot that i chose is a bit on the bright side, even with the reflector the lighting seems a bit harsh. I had a difficult time finding an open place to put the moving studio that wasn't full of shadows. there are a few technical issues that i would like to correct the next time around, but here goes for now. i do really like the emotional impact that i got from these people. they are random. the concept was conceived from the moveable studio created by richard avedon in his americana portraits. i do not know these people. i had to use my supernatural powers as a photographer to illuminate the character of each person.

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  1. what you did on this portraits are realy good for me . the shadows are at the right place with the right intencit .to photograf people you don't know is easyer because you don't have the weight of the the knowlege about theyr storys , by the other hand you have to find a way to make they get real , what is a hard work , i think you got it .
    i worked in a studio of the college hre in sao paulo , and in one in london , i forgot the name , is someting like International American Universit ..... but i am not a photographer , for two reasons , there are lots of people that do it much better than me , as you , and because i hate to write "photographer" .
    thanks for have visited me on my blog , it is very kind of you . i have folowed yours because i like your way to see contemporary art , and your works are great , including the writing .