Sunday, December 27, 2009

.: post graduation :.

well, i have finished my thesis, and i am now down with school, with an mfa in commercial photography. but what now? that is the seemingly huge question that lingers in my mind every day. i feel that moment of panic rush over me for a brief second, as i am currently unemployed and have to make ends meet. but as i work every day on my brand i realized this is a never ending process. i have a list of the next steps - make a self promo, email advertising agencies, email photographers on the apa to try and find assisting jobs, email studios, email galleries. i am working hard to stay on this path without letting myself get distracted. i keep having large dollar signs flash in my head reminding me of my looming school loans. it is inevitable. as an artist, we hear it all the time while in school, that 90% of artists fail because of bad business sense. i will not let that be me. i will continue shooting and emailing, and somehow in the middle of that i may have to get a part-time job to pay my bills. my friends have said that it takes about a year post-graduation to build clients. i am expecting it to take me that long as well, but i am hoping it happens sooner. best of luck abby. make a schedule every day. stick to it. be disciplined. be determined.

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