Tuesday, February 17, 2009

.: nuclear pop :.

this is an image that i shot during a bonfire. it was the biggest full moon of the year that night, incredibly docile. the beach is in a nook between ocean beach and the golden gate bridge, so it is sheltered from the wind. it is rocky and one can very easily sprain an ankle if not careful. flashlights are recommended. and maybe an axe (for chopping wood, not killing people). we always laugh at the weird looks we get from people on the path at night with an axe in hand. usually we carry a headlamp (perfect for hiking at night, or camping for that matter).

we talk about music and art and friends and school and jobs and life and photography. somehow most of our conversations involve the action of using a camera to create a vision. 

we always have fun. this trip was especially nice because of the purple sky and sparkling stars. and we laughed and laughed. for there is nothing as comforting as a bonfire in san francisco.

i shot this image on a long exposure and drew around the people with different-colored pen lights. 

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