Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in the limelight


i guess the next artist for in the limelight is my favorite band radiohead. i just can't put it off any longer. there is so much about radiohead that inspires me. i can relate a majority of their songs to different aspects of my life. i am sure that i will have so much more to add to this post as the blog progresses, but i wanted to at least give it a start. my boyfriend and i traveled from san francisco to tokyo to see radiohead, which was documented every step of the way. i was taken aback by the buzz that surrounded this band, even on the other side of the world. i never knew there were soooooooooo many japanese radiohead fans. i am convinced that it is a common thread that it brings people together. the night of the show in tokyo, the two guys sitting next to us lived in guam, but were originally from florida and cleveland. also, i bought our tokyo radiohead tickets from a guy in new york who i am still friends with. today he wrote me to say that he is going to mexico city in march to see them (oh, i want to go to this show so badly) and this is what he wrote me:

radiohead is a real horrorshow band that attracts both sexes - devotchkas and malchicks alike.

he was referring to my clockwork orange persona. 

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