Friday, February 20, 2009

.: solitude :.

 i am for some reason fascinated with dead flowers. there is something oddly beautiful about what happens to a flower once it dies. the mold takes over and spreads across the drooping petals like crystals. when the light hits the it a certain way, the flower transforms from and symbol of death to this object of color and mysticism. it is as if all flowers could look like this in another world and it would be considered beautiful. 

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  1. You have a very interesting blog. I'm interested to see what new posts (and projects) that will come to the public's view in your future. Interesting your post on dead flowers. I once saw an exhibit of singular flowers, cut and displayed in little vessels suctioned to a glass wall (there must have been over 200). The point of the exhibit was for the flowers to bloom in all vitality and then die, petals slowly falling to the floor. It took just a bit of time to understand the artist concept, but once I did, I was truly appreciative...and also inspired. I like your way of thinking!! Create on!!