Monday, March 2, 2009

in the limelight


the next artist i want to talk about is banksy. he was born in bristol, but due to obscurity, it is not now known where he resides. he is the infamous and anonymous banksy, an artist known for his street artwork.  though he publicly stencils his compelling street art, he has never been seen or heard. no one knows his identity. this means he has never been caught, i am assuming. he even put up one of his pieces on the wall in a well-known museum in london, dressed in costume from head to toe, in broad daylight. he was caught on tape in full beard and mustache, hat, trench coat and sunglasses. the museum left his piece on the wall. banksy plays with controversial and political topics in his pieces, such as the one above: the blatant statement about the evolution of man from caveman to mcdonald's big mac and fries. he is a cool cat.

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  1. Banksy is such a great guerrilla artist! I was just talking to my boyfriend about him this past week. Definitely a cool cat.

    Thanks for the add!