Sunday, March 29, 2009

in the limelight

pink floyd: animals

yes, i have to say some things about this record. pink floyd has created an auditory explosion of guitar mixed with haunting animal sounds. there is something of an orchestral quality to this album that fixes tremendous emotional highs and lows on the listener. it is intensely quiet but loud at the same time. i love lying in bed and listening to this album. it is one of those for me. there is nothing like driving back from a long day of snowboarding in the colorado backcountry and listening to animals. there is nothing like sitting in the waist deep powder and enjoying it. there is nothing like having a dog trail you down the mountain, jumping and pouncing in the depths of the powder. there is nothing like purple skies. there is nothing like silence so crisp and empty. so innocent. so void of the constant noise and sounds that bombard your everyday life in the city. there is nothing like snow-covered trees. there is nothing like friends to sit on the top of a mountain with and not a single other person in sight. and then back to animals. there is nothing like the burn of leg muscles at the end of the day. there is nothing like taking your boots off. there is nothing like your next meal because you feel like you could eat a horse, though not literally. and there is nothing like the tired ride home with the barking of dogs and the oinking of pigs. if you know what i mean.


  1. That's an album I really enjoy but haven't listened to in a while. Thanks for making me want to dig it out, listen, and re-experience with fresh perspective :)

  2. Today I’ve been listening this over and over

  3. hi Abby ! i met your blog just now . you DO have a great taste for art. and i like the way you see it .
    about this album , a old girlfriend stole fron me about 10 years ago , i didn't missed it till now. thanks , now i want to listen it again and going to spend the saturday cursing that hore.
    keep posting , i loved to find you.