Monday, March 23, 2009

.: westerfield nudes :.

well, what can i possibly say about these drawings, except for they are mine and they were done at the most fabulous art party in san francisco. we were invited to attend a drawing party at the famous westerfield house in alamo square (once the home of ken kesey). the rooms are each art pieces in themeslves, a monument to early 1900s interior design. a few of the rooms were lit with photographic lights where nude female models posed in '60s summer of luv style. i can't even put into words the experience as a whole without writing a short (perhaps i will someday), but i am posting my drawings from the night. i haven't drawn a picture in years, and when i first put the pencil to paper it felt a bit foreign to me. but the pieces starting falling into place once i began to really listen to the dj spinning psychadelic 60s tunes. in shorter words, i got totally into it. it was such a nice release to draw a picture. who woulda thunk it. art works in mysterious ways.

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